My Boy, Grady

Full disclosure—I had always hoped I would start my mothering journey with a son. A daughter scared me. Too much pressure to be a friend and be cool and navigate the mean-girl years. Sure, Annie Bea has proven it’s quite a wonderful experience but I’ll admit, I was relieved when I had Grady on June 15th, 2010.

From the first minute—no, the first nanosecond—Grady has been a prankster. Grady came out of my body so dark, Jason looked at me in disbelief. How could an Irish, Norwegian, Welch woman and a Russian man make a little boy with such dark skin? But we did. Until Grady woke up one day drained of pigment and ready for his lifelong battle against the sun.

Twelve years later, Grady is funnier, quirkier, sharper and more creative than any person I have ever met.

Things I love about Grady:
– a heart of pure, solid gold
– genuine interest (mostly in improv, stand-up comedy, Yankees, video games and brainstorming new ideas)
– always willing to hold your hand
– extreme excitement over life’s smallest gifts
– willingness to step up in a time of need
– ready to beat a joke to death (my personal favorite hobby!)

Grady, you’ve given me over a decade of love and laughter. Those words are so outplayed and overwritten. But stop and read them slowly. Love and laughter. You are love and you are laughter. You breathe life into those words in ways no one can imagine until they spend a nanosecond in your world.

I am in awe of who you are and cannot wait to see who you will be.

Stay Puft, Grady.