False Alarm

Last night I had a false alarm. I woke Jason up and said “It’s go time!” Then the contractions stopped. For ten minutes I thought I was on my way but then it all fell through my fingers. So close.…

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I’m at a beastly stage in my pregnancy. This girl is really not cutting me any slack. I’m beyond bloated. My face is expanding at a rapid pace. I’m spontaneously throwing up as if I’m back in the first trimester.…

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Best Gift Ever

Just got a very special delivery. My sister sent me 4 pints of strawberry  cheesecake ice cream with rainbow sprinkles mixed in. She “designed” the ice cream herself to meet my high standards. The baby girl in my belly is…

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Labor Predictions

I’m so ready to have this baby. She has really given me a run for my money during this pregnancy. I’m super gigantic. I’m getting a ton of cramps and Braxton Hicks. The heartburn is off the charts on a…

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Blanket by Nana

A few friends and family got together this weekend to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby girl. My mom, Nana, made this beautiful blanket. Who knew there was talent like this in the family? It must skip a generation.

Back to Baby

I spent some time going through all the baby stuff we will soon be needing. It was fun to pull out so many old toys and baby gear – things I completely forgot about. Reminded me of all the stages…

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The Little Lady

The little lady ain’t so little. According to the technician doing our ultrasound this morning, “She’s a decent size baby.” That’s code for “Good luck pushing her out.” Anyway, she’s healthy and snuggly and happy and smart and coordinated and…

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It’s a Girl!

We opened the envelope and it said, “Baby Girl.” Grady appeared a little concerned. I think he wants a second opinion. Anyway, it’s a girl! Coming to a delivery room near you on or around June 15th (Grady’s birthday).  

Sneak Attack

Two weeks ago we went to the lab for our baby’s anatomy scan. The kid is a trickster already. Wouldn’t uncross his/her legs so we could see if it was a boy or girl. So they asked us to come…

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