The Little Lady

The little lady ain’t so little. According to the technician doing our ultrasound this morning, “She’s a decent size baby.” That’s code for “Good luck pushing her out.” Anyway, she’s healthy and snuggly and happy and smart and coordinated and…

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It’s a Girl!

We opened the envelope and it said, “Baby Girl.” Grady appeared a little concerned. I think he wants a second opinion. Anyway, it’s a girl! Coming to a delivery room near you on or around June 15th (Grady’s birthday).  

Sneak Attack

Two weeks ago we went to the lab for our baby’s anatomy scan. The kid is a trickster already. Wouldn’t uncross his/her legs so we could see if it was a boy or girl. So they asked us to come…

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Big Brother

Grady, meet your little brother or sister. I know you will be a great big brother and I pray this next little one has a lot of your traits. You’ve been such a pleasure. Please teach this baby to sleep…

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