Me and My Mop

Last Friday at 6 AM, I woke up to go to the gym. On my way out of the house, I discovered a new body of water running through the kitchen and dining room. A water line had broken. Oh…

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Encore! Encore!

We took the kids to see The Lion King on Broadway. They were blown away. I was blown away just watching them be blown away. It was a major blowout for the entire family. But a week or so earlier…

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Tapping and Coding

On Saturday mornings, when normal people are still tucked in bed nursing their Friday happy hour headaches, millions of parents are schlepping their children around town to karate, piano, soccer, hockey, cooking, robotics, gymnastics, tennis, painting, mind reading, gardening, surfing,…

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Overheard this morning. Grady: Annie, do you know what a trademark is? Annie Bea: No. Grady: You DON’T? Oh, Annie. This is important. Annie Bea: What is a trader? Grady: No. It’s a trademark. And a trademark is an evil…

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The Finger

When Jason arrived at school today, Grady’s teacher greeted him with a concerned look in her eyes. Teacher: Mr. Levine, I have some bad news. Grady gave Max the finger. Jason: He what? Teacher: Grady gave Max the finger and…

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Thank God

Before everyone enjoyed the meal I prepared last night (pigs in blankets and frozen french fries), Grady said grace: Dear God, Thank you for the food. We couldn’t have survived without it. Amen. When you’re right, you’re right.

The Wynwood Yard

I spent Friday night at The Wynwood Yard in Miami with my friends and my daughter, Annie Bea. Oh, my son? Grady? Yeah, he was there, too. But he didn’t spend much time with us. He was too busy helping…

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Survival Mode

For the longest time, I swore I wouldn’t let Grady play video games at a young age. Well as it turns out, not only has he been playing video games at a young age, he’s been playing ME at a…

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The Eleventh Commandment

This morning we all piled in the car and drove 90 mph on two wheels to the Lord’s house. We peeled into the church parking lot with two kids fighting over a Lego – a single Lego the size of…

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Grady was working on a school project about the country of Honduras with his tutor. As they researched traditional clothing, this picture came up. Grady was dumbfounded. He turned to his teacher and exclaimed, “This looks exactly like my dad.”