Motion Detectors

Babies come with so many fascinating parts. Cute little button noses. Tiny cold toes. Itty Bitty mouths with incredibly precious smiles. And motion detectors. How does he do it? Grady can be fast asleep for an hour. The minute, no…

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There’s nothing sadder than a constipated baby. Unless you’re the mother of a constipated baby.

One Month Old

Hard to believe Grady is a month old. He wasn’t having the best day but I just popped in Baby Einstein for the first time and it seems his birthday is taking a turn for the better. He’s really loving…

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Grady in a Car.

I stopped by the fire department to see if we had him strapped in correctly and safely. Turns out we were seconds from being reported to Child Services. The straps were so tight, this picture could have been of him…

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