You Want What?

Grady has spent a good deal of time lately pretending to be a dog. He likes to get down on all fours and play with Hammy. He fetches toys. He licks out of his water cup. He’s a good doggy.…

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Hammy and Annie

I know Hammy swipes food off the table and he barks a bit too much from time to time. But I also know he loves us and he’d do anything for us. If any one of us was in trouble,…

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What to Expect

Found Hammy sleeping with some late night reading material. “What to Expect the First Year.” A very responsible dog.  

Jase and Nico

Jason and I have alter egos. They are Jase and Nico. They’re sort of like Steve Carell and Tina Fey in “Date Night” when they go back to Claw acting like they’re hip, trendy and totally cutting edge. Jase and…

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Day at the Spa

Our human lives aren’t the only ones that change when a new baby comes into the family. Hammy has to do some adjusting himself. For example, no more trips to the groomer. I can’t spare the time it takes. So…

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Five Years Down

Even though Jason and I have been dating since 2001, today marks 5 years of legal marital bliss. Thank you, Jason, for an exciting life, unforeseen adventures, laughter, love, patience, a kickass dog, 1.9 beautiful children and for joining me…

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A Whole Handful

Hammy turns 5-years-old today. A whole handful. Happy birthday to the most loving, fun spirited and hungry big brother Grady could ask for. Hammy has been an essential part of our family and I can say (without a doubt) that…

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Our neighbors are awesome. They have three red-headed boys who are outside playing all day long. All the time. The oldest is 11 and the youngest is 4. You can just tell they all have so much fun together. Grady…

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Grady has developed a liking for Cinderella, which he pronounces, “Cin-a-well-wa.” We’ve been watching it non-stop for the past week. Unfortunately, I pulled something in my back today so I’m stuck on the couch with Grady watching the fairy godmother…

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Vet Visit

We are sitting in the waiting area at the vet’s office. Grady reaches into the basket under the stroller, pulls out a baggie and shouts, “Snack!” It was a bag of Ham’s poop from yesterday’s walk. Shit.