Lucky Dog

It’s hard to lose the weight after you have a baby. The hardest part is not snacking off of Grady’s food. Sometimes I wish I was a dog. They’re so lucky. Someone’s always standing behind them screaming, “Off! No! Don’t…

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Behind Bars

I think Grady is crate training himself. He’s got 4.5 million toys and yet he chooses to play in the dog crate. For hours. Me: Grady, want to play with your cool firetruck? Or read a book? Grady: Nah. I’d…

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Totally Pissed

Today both Hammy and Grady pissed on the carpet. What are the odds…


We are getting our carpets cleaned on Friday. What? That’s not exciting? Well, this morning Hammy was barking like a… dog. I know that means he has to go out and do a major number two. Me: Jason, take Hammy…

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Second Child Syndrome

I wonder if Grady has “second child syndrome?” Ham Sandwich is technically our first born. We love him like a child. So I wonder if Grady understands that and feels like a second child. And, therefore, if we have another…

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Trading Places

Grady thinks he’s Hammy. Hammy thinks he’s Grady.

Happy Birthday Ham!

Before there was Grady, there was Ham. Three years ago, on April 29th, 2008, Ham Sandwich Levine was born in Irma, South Carolina. He was one of 9 pups in his litter. When we picked him up, he was 8…

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Brotherly Love

It’s official. Grady and Hammy are brothers. How do I know this? Because they fight over the same toys. They plot against me. They laugh when the other one gets in trouble. And they look alike.

Tooth Numero Uno

It’s so close. That first tooth. We can see it. It’s poking through Grady’s gums just a touch. And who’s more excited than Hammy? Hammy sees real-dig-your-teeth-into-it food in the future and he couldn’t be happier. Before long Grady will…

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Grady Cheats on Hammy

While he loved these dogs a lot, I’m sure he wouldn’t trade Hammy for the world.