Brotherly Love

It’s official. Grady and Hammy are brothers. How do I know this? Because they fight over the same toys. They plot against me. They laugh when the other one gets in trouble. And they look alike.

Tooth Numero Uno

It’s so close. That first tooth. We can see it. It’s poking through Grady’s gums just a touch. And who’s more excited than Hammy? Hammy sees real-dig-your-teeth-into-it food in the future and he couldn’t be happier. Before long Grady will…

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Grady Cheats on Hammy

While he loved these dogs a lot, I’m sure he wouldn’t trade Hammy for the world.


Grady needs to find more human friends.

Butt Sniffer

Two years ago I would have sworn that Hammy was the only butt sniffer in our family. Turns out I am following in his paw steps. I cannot believe how many times I sniff Grady’s butt every day. I sniff…

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It amazes me how we’re just born with these natural instincts. Like when Grady closes his eyes because the sun is glaring in them or even when he just sucks on his bottle and knows how to eat. I didn’t…

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The First Halloween

Hammy and Grady are hot dogs. Dylan is a lobster. There’s really no story I can tell to make this funnier.

Breathing Through My Vagina

Monday, June 14th… no Grady. Tuesday, June 15th… Grady. Labor was less than fun. I woke up at 4 am on Monday morning with some incredible pain. I was a afraid to go to the hospital since I’d already made…

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