Livin’ on the Edge

We like to live on the edge. This morning we woke up and had one diaper. That’s one, uno, singular, after you use it you have nada. ONE! Have you ever asked a baby to “Hold it?” It doesn’t work.…

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He, She, It, Whatever

A neighbor, Bonnie, has been wanting to watch Grady for a while now. She is the sweetest. One problem. No matter how many times she meets Grady, no matter how many shades of blue I put him in, no matter…

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Special Delivery

We got to the post office early this morning to stand in line for Grady’s passport. A little stressful to have an hour wait with a newborn. Luckily we had a bottle and all the baby fixins’. So we’re on…

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Big Pimpin’

Sometimes when I go to the supermarket, I feel like I should be wearing a big gold chain with a dollar sign on it. I’m cruising around Boulder (the most wholesome town on earth) like a pimp. Why? Because Grady…

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What’s Wrong with This Picture?

So when Grady was one week old my cousin came from California to help us out. Awesome. I decided to take a nap while Jason (the father of my child) and Ali (an educated college student) watch Grady. Between the…

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Grady’s First Fuckin’ Word

We need to change our entire vocabulary. Jason uses the F word as much as… well I can’t think of anything clever but it’s a lot. And 12 years of Catholic school did squat for my language. Thank you, New…

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Oh, That Face

After just being fed, diaper changed and letting out a big burp. I’ve slaved away to make him happy for the past two hours and he looks at me like, “Eh. It was ok. I give you a 6.”


I get so excited when Grady smiles. I smile at him and he smiles back. I make a funny face and he smiles. I do some weird goggly goo sound and he smiles. Then he farts. And stops smiling.


Grady burped. Dylan laughed. We went home.

I Used to Love The Beatles

I can only listen to lullabye renditions of The Beatles’ music so many times before I lose my mind. But it’s better than listening to renditions of Grady’s lungs. So… The Beatles it is!