Looking Good, Mama

A brilliant quote from another mom that I just had to share. “So today I put some make up on and thought, ‘Hey, nice to see you again.’ Then I found some granola in my bra.”


Is it normal to be jealous of a two and a half month old baby? I look at him in the swing and think, “If I could just lose enough weight to fit in that thing, I would have the…

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Talking in Fear

My phone conversations suck. I live in fear. I have to whisper or speak in a monotone voice so not to wake or startle Grady. Because if Grady wakes up, the phone conversation is over. Sometimes I feel like those…

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How do all babies smell so good? And where does the scent come from? I have to assume it’s something they developed in mommy’s belly. That’s a lovely scent you’re wearing, Grady. What’s it called? Womb. For men.

It’s Just a Little Pee

“It’s just a little pee.” It’s just a little pee? For real? I said that out loud this morning when Grady peed on my shirt and I decided not to change before going out… in public… I went out with…

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Love Your Shirt

When the cashier at Target proclaims he “loves my shirt.” I am insulted. It’s three times too small and covered in baby puke. If you see a mom and feel bad for her, don’t compliment her. She knows you’re lying…

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All the Single Ladies…

A serious post for a change. I have a new, profound respect for single mothers (and fathers). You will be sainted one day. Regardless of your religion.

Baby Clients

If you work in advertising (or any industry at all) you can probably relate to this. Babies are like those really difficult clients. You work all hours of the day for them. They have no idea how hard you’re working.…

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Boob, I Mean Baby Nurse

Just spoke to the baby nurse. Wanted to reserve her for a night when Jason will be out of town so I have some help. She has to check with her doctor because that might be the day she’s getting…

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Breathing Through My Vagina

Monday, June 14th… no Grady. Tuesday, June 15th… Grady. Labor was less than fun. I woke up at 4 am on Monday morning with some incredible pain. I was a afraid to go to the hospital since I’d already made…

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