The Wrong Words

Sometimes, as parents, we can’t think straight. You say the wrong things… the wrong words… because your mind is so shot you just say whatever comes out first. Tonight Jason said the best “wrong word” ever. As he was petting…

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Um… Dad?

Grady: Um, Dad? Can you check my snaps? I think you may have skipped a few.

Handy Manny

This is humiliating. We’re at a BBQ this weekend. All the parents are drinking beer, eating burgers and laughing it up. We are normal human beings not cleaning up drool, diapers and boogers because all of our kids are happily…

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Jason was feeding Grady some purred chicken in broth. Jason: It smells like Grady just pooped again. Me: But we JUST changed him. Jason: Oh wait… nope… it’s his food.

You Are What You Eat

My dinner (left) and Jason’s dinner (right). Grady, if you’re listening, I’m never letting you get away with this. You will eat vegetables and you will somewhat enjoy them, like your mother.

Family Fight Club

It’s hard to be a couple. But to be parents AND a couple… it takes FIGHT. Sure, we used to argue over things and then go out on the town and laugh it up and totally forget our differences. But…

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I’m starting to get a little nervous about the fact that Jason and I are responsible for teaching someone all the words. I mean think about that. What if we forget a few? It’s possible. There are like a katrillion…

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Good Luck

People say all sorts of strange things are good luck just to make you feel better about a disgusting situation. A bird poops on your head? It’s good luck. It down pours on your wedding day? Lucky you! And “break…

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While we were in Albany we went to a Japanese restaurant where they cook on the table in front of you. Jason’s mother snuck away and told the staff that it was his birthday and asked them to bring out…

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Baby Perks

Babies really have it all. What a life. Me: Isn’t it great to be a baby? Everything is done for you. Someone making your food, entertaining you all day, rubbing your back when you’re sad. You get pushed around and…

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