The Gym

If I ever want to see my husband in shoes again, we’ll have to move to Minneapolis or Anchorage. Jason loves flip flops. He wears them to work. He wears them to dinner parties. He wears them to do yard…

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R as in What?

I am listening to Jason read a long, complicated code to someone on the phone. Jason: C as in Charlie. L as in Lion. Four. Eight. R as in Rabbi… R as in Rabbi. Well, there you have it folks.…

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Good Morning

Laying in bed this morning: Me: You are my rock. Jason: And you are my hard place.

More Like Nine Lives

Dear Grady and Annie Bea, Today marks the 9th year that Daddy and I have been married. But to be honest, it feels more like nine lives. Our history goes back so far, it’s hard to remember a time when…

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The Swing

I bought a swing to hang on the tree in our backyard. Jason installed it this evening. Now the kids just need a pogo stick so they can catapult themselves 6 feet off the ground and onto the seat.


Jason and I are 17 years behind the rest of the world. We just started watching the series 24. So much of this show reminds me of parenting. The 24 version: Jack Bower puts a gun to a man’s head…

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Sometimes I think – Wow, I really handled that well. Sometimes I think – Man, I could have handled that better. Quite often I wonder – Did anyone see the way I handled that? I really hope not. Sometimes I…

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Woman Hips

Last night, while playing a game of Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Grady scored a major spin that landed 4 cherries in his bucket. (If you don’t know the game, 4 cherries is the most you can get on a single turn. It’s huge.)…

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Took the kids to see Santa yesterday. At this particular location, Santa sits in a cute little house and you wait in line outside. So when it’s your turn, you really get to hangout with Santa. No whiney kids staring…

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