Jason and I are 17 years behind the rest of the world. We just started watching the series 24. So much of this show reminds me of parenting. The 24 version: Jack Bower puts a gun to a man’s head…

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Sometimes I think – Wow, I really handled that well. Sometimes I think – Man, I could have handled that better. Quite often I wonder – Did anyone see the way I handled that? I really hope not. Sometimes I…

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Woman Hips

Last night, while playing a game of Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Grady scored a major spin that landed 4 cherries in his bucket. (If you don’t know the game, 4 cherries is the most you can get on a single turn. It’s huge.)…

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Took the kids to see Santa yesterday. At this particular location, Santa sits in a cute little house and you wait in line outside. So when it’s your turn, you really get to hangout with Santa. No whiney kids staring…

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John and Tonya

While visiting my best bud, Lauren, on vacation in Marco Island last weekend, we stopped into one of those beach shops. You know the ones. Neon t-shirts, shot glasses, boogie boards and hermit crabs. Grady:Mom! Can we get hermit crabs?…

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Happy Father’s Day

Sometimes you have a camera in the right place at the right time. This is one of those times.

What’s the Worst?

This morning I got back from my workout and collapsed on my bed. The kids were watching Frozen in the living room. They had their cups of milk and all was calm. So I fell asleep. What’s the worst that…

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Goodnight, Daddy

Sometimes Jason has to work late. On those nights, we FaceTime and say goodnight. It always starts with “Goodnight, Daddy! We love you!” And it always ends with “Move! It’s my turn! I want to push the button! Stop! Grady…

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This Just In

I just overheard Grady screaming from the bathroom, “Daddy, will you keep your promise about watching me poop?” You just can’t make this shit up.