I hate doing the laundry. Maybe I’ve even posted about this before. I don’t know. But honestly, I can’t think of any chore I hate more. I hate loading it in the machine. I hate turning the machine on. I…

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Four Months of Grady

Ok, this is a little late but… whatever. At four months Grady is fiercely sucking his thumb. He prefers the left thumb. He still loves the ABCs. He is eating like a champ and sleeping like a madman (thank you!)……

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Fill the tub with perfectly warm water. Get a cute ducky towel and washcloth. Shampoo… check. We’re all set. So I get Grady undressed and slowly submerge him in the water. We’re all happy. Ah, but not so fast. Three,…

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The First Halloween

Hammy and Grady are hot dogs. Dylan is a lobster. There’s really no story I can tell to make this funnier.


Jason turns to me and asks, with a straight face, “Can I give Grady a pretzel to suck on?” I mean who am I raising here?

Baby Relay

Sometimes I feel like the day is one loooooonnng relay race. We wake up and I bust through the “starting line” with Grady. Change diapers, make bottles, empty bottles, make new bottles, change more diapers, walk the dog, make the…

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Getting Shot

Grady got shot today. Three times. Vaccines are rough. But I am so proud of him. He cried for a few seconds (yes, seconds) and then I started singing the ABCs to him. Instant laughter and smiles. The ABCs… gets…

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Pickle Pickle Pickle

So recently we discovered that Grady is ticklish. Awesome. He laughs hysterically. There’s nothing in the world that can top a toothless, gummy mouth… laughing with reckless abandonment. But, he doesn’t laugh when you tickle him and say “Tickle, tickle,…

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Whisper Fights

So Jason and I have never bickered so much in our lives. Having your first baby and such little time to laugh and relax and act all “willy nilly” will do that to a couple. And to top it off,…

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Grady, Look at Me.

So I went to Target today (like I do almost everyday) and I put Grady’s car seat in the shopping cart. I’m finally getting his room decorated because we are no longer moving. So excited to make it look like…

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