I Used to Love The Beatles

I can only listen to lullabye renditions of The Beatles’ music so many times before I lose my mind. But it’s better than listening to renditions of Grady’s lungs. So… The Beatles it is!

Mommy Math

I’m so thankful that I paid attention during math class when I was younger. I remember wondering when I would ever need such skills. Now. Now is the time. I need math now. Grady eats at noon and that takes…

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Baby Shaker

Probably not a good name for my new invention but it would be an awesome invention. Something that attaches to anything and gently shakes/rocks it. So you don’t have to. Like the arm of the stroller while you’re sitting at…

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Babysitting Tears

So I came home one day and the babysitter was sitting on the couch holding Grady… crying. Of course I was concerned and ran over to see Grady and find out what was wrong. The babysitter is a 50-something woman…

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What a Piece of Shit

I’ve never been so excited to see poop in my life. Grady pooped. After hours of screaming and crying and me trying any trick in the book to get him to this point. I see it coming and I am…

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There’s nothing sadder than a constipated baby. Unless you’re the mother of a constipated baby.

Grady’s Playlist

Top Ten Songs We Sing to Grady:   10. No Grady No Cry 9. Gradytrain to Georgia 8. You Light Up My Life (Lyrics changed to “You keep us up nights…”) 7. It’s Been a Rough Couple Weeks of My…

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Open House

Ever try moving from NYC to Boulder, CO whilst pregnant, buying a home, settling in and then having a baby whilst deciding to move to Miami, FL? You should try it. It’s way fun. Today we are having an open…

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Boob, I Mean Baby Nurse

Just spoke to the baby nurse. Wanted to reserve her for a night when Jason will be out of town so I have some help. She has to check with her doctor because that might be the day she’s getting…

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