I get so excited when Grady smiles. I smile at him and he smiles back. I make a funny face and he smiles. I do some weird goggly goo sound and he smiles. Then he farts. And stops smiling.

Love Your Shirt

When the cashier at Target proclaims he “loves my shirt.” I am insulted. It’s three times too small and covered in baby puke. If you see a mom and feel bad for her, don’t compliment her. She knows you’re lying…

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Grady’s Stripper Name

Your first pet’s name + The name of the street you grew up on = Your stripper name. Poor Grady will be known on stage as Ham Sandwich Arapahoe.

All the Single Ladies…

A serious post for a change. I have a new, profound respect for single mothers (and fathers). You will be sainted one day. Regardless of your religion.

Motion Detectors

Babies come with so many fascinating parts. Cute little button noses. Tiny cold toes. Itty Bitty mouths with incredibly precious smiles. And motion detectors. How does he do it? Grady can be fast asleep for an hour. The minute, no…

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Grady burped. Dylan laughed. We went home.

Baby Cheeses

Ok, I know I have two posts in a row about “baby” somethings but this is worth a read. I never thought food shopping would be a luxury I couldn’t indulge in. There’s no time. Therefore there’s no food. Of…

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Baby Clients

If you work in advertising (or any industry at all) you can probably relate to this. Babies are like those really difficult clients. You work all hours of the day for them. They have no idea how hard you’re working.…

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I Used to Love The Beatles

I can only listen to lullabye renditions of The Beatles’ music so many times before I lose my mind. But it’s better than listening to renditions of Grady’s lungs. So… The Beatles it is!

Mommy Math

I’m so thankful that I paid attention during math class when I was younger. I remember wondering when I would ever need such skills. Now. Now is the time. I need math now. Grady eats at noon and that takes…

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