Two Little Molecules

Nicole: “Jason, be serious for a minute. Isn’t it incredible that two little molecules come together and form a life. Like, our two little molecules created Grady.” Jason: “He looks a lot more like me so clearly my molecule did…

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Romantic Daddy

Jason: “If anything happens to you and you die, I am remarrying immediately because I can’t do this alone. Ok?”

Pee Pee Tee Pees

Have you seen them? They are small fabric “tents” that you place over Grady’s “pee pee” while he’s on the changing table so he doesn’t spray you by surprise. Brilliant idea. Problem is they are not water resistant. So after…

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Dear Einstein

Dear Mr. Einstein, If you were still alive, would you create a video series for children that shows finger puppets dancing and wearing Abe Lincoln hats while saying hello in several languages? I feel like you would have done something…

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One Month Old

Hard to believe Grady is a month old. He wasn’t having the best day but I just popped in Baby Einstein for the first time and it seems his birthday is taking a turn for the better. He’s really loving…

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Grady in a Car.

I stopped by the fire department to see if we had him strapped in correctly and safely. Turns out we were seconds from being reported to Child Services. The straps were so tight, this picture could have been of him…

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Breathing Through My Vagina

Monday, June 14th… no Grady. Tuesday, June 15th… Grady. Labor was less than fun. I woke up at 4 am on Monday morning with some incredible pain. I was a afraid to go to the hospital since I’d already made…

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