Lopsided Vision

It’a a thing. I saw it with my own two eyes. I took Annie Bea to the pediatrician’s office to get her ears pierced. The nurse walked in and immediately expressed her anxiety. “I’m going to draw dots on her…

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I Can’t Homework

You have 54 yellow, blue and red crayons.There are twice as many blue crayons as red crayons.How many yellow crayons do you have? I know 7-year-old Nicole would have been able to solve this. She always crushed it in school.…

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Fingers Crossed

We drove by a really bad fire the other day. Grady said, “I hope Joe Biden isn’t in there. That’s the last thing we need right now.” True.

I Accept.

As 2020 comes to a slow, drawn-out, nail-biting end, I can’t help but reflect. It hasn’t been easy. Not for anyone. 2020 brought much chaos and doubt and fear and uncertainty into all of our lives. Even my Aunt Mary…

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I Am Voting for Love

As a Democrat, I’ve never questioned how someone could vote Republican. It’s never crossed my mind that anyone should see the world exactly the way I see it. In fact, on most issues, I can put myself in the other…

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Halloween 2020

We typically get 4,000 trick or treaters at our house every year. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s a real, actual, factual number. Our neighborhood is one of the most popular havens for Halloween fun in Miami. This year we had…

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Michael Is a Man!

Grady came barreling through the door after school today shouting, “Mom, mom, mom, maaaaahhhhm! You won’t believe it! Michael is a man!” Of course, I jumped out of my chair to join in his excitement and share his enthusiasm! I…

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Not Your Average Senior Citizen

We were supposed to fly to St. Maarten on March 18th to spend some time with Jason’s parents. Instead, like most spring breakers this year, our vacation plans went from 2 weeks in paradise to 2 months in quarantine. But…

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OMG, the Legos

Annie Bea found a way to attach Legos to my computer while I write. There’s literally no escaping these things.