Thank God

Before everyone enjoyed the meal I prepared last night (pigs in blankets and frozen french fries), Grady said grace: Dear God, Thank you for the food. We couldn’t have survived without it. Amen. When you’re right, you’re right.

Rated X

Jason and I were watching a murder-mystery show (as usual) when Annie Bea waltzed into the room. We couldn’t find the remote to pause before the host described a man being decapitated and showed a series of bloody photos. Whoops.…

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Take Your Kid to Work Days

Last week I filled my quota for Take Your Kid to Work Days. Jason and I had a colossal clusterfuck of babysitters canceling, back-up babysitters unavailable, no school days, make-up sports practices, tight deadlines at the office, homework overload and…

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The Wynwood Yard

I spent Friday night at The Wynwood Yard in Miami with my friends and my daughter, Annie Bea. Oh, my son? Grady? Yeah, he was there, too. But he didn’t spend much time with us. He was too busy helping…

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Survival Mode

For the longest time, I swore I wouldn’t let Grady play video games at a young age. Well as it turns out, not only has he been playing video games at a young age, he’s been playing ME at a…

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And the Password Is

Identity theft is a growing epidemic in our country. So, Grady and Annie Bea, please read this post carefully. There are three basic rules to follow when choosing an online password. Rule #1. Do not pick a word that you…

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Feisty Pets are adorable. They melt your heart. You want to hold them and love them and squeeze them. And then… just when you’ve fallen madly in love, they lose their shit. They release their fangs. Their inner demons appear…

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Can’t Wait for Sunday

Nana sent Annie Bea some fancy, clip-on earrings. She won’t take them off. She also won’t call them earrings. Annie Bea: These “ringers” are so beautiful. And guess what, mom? You can borrow them on Sundays. She’s so generous.

Magic Eraser

I was in the living room. The kids were in the toy room when Grady shouted for me to come see something. Only he didn’t say, “Come see something!” His exact words were, “We have a surprise for you, Mom!…

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The Levines Love Halloween

Top Ten Reasons 10. Halloween is a holiday without formal traditions. No gifts. No cooking. No family drama. No pressure. 9. We all celebrate Halloween. Even Jesus! 8. Halloween is the only day of the year when everyone is expected…

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